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Infozoneasia Technology, based in Penang, Malaysia,  is a Malaysia based IT company that aims to provide specialized and suitable IT solution based on business requirement. We want to ensure we close the gap between technology possibility and business requirement. We have been in this IT field providing and consulting business on IT solution that focusing in increasing performance and efficiency for the past 15 years. We have involved in various industry such as retail, manufacturing, tourism, and financial industry with our client where we provide our advise, consultation and implementation work.

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Food Delivery







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Our experiences in various area within IT industry is capable to provide you solution that help increase your business performance.

For Online Business

Sell in Multi marketplace - Lazada, Shopee, Amazon. With features and functions available to boost your online sales while building a good brand for your company and products.

For Website Design

A website is a proof of your business existence. Your customer will want to verify you by searching your business online to know more about you. This is why your website need to have information readily available online to give your customer and prospect confidence.

For Manufacturer​

Manufacturing process is best supported with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to manage raw material until Finished goods to delivery. A proper planning ensure business continuity.

Server, Networking & Computer devices

Servers, Desktop, Laptop and Printer from reliable brand such as DELL, Canon, HP, Lenovo with business level support and warranty is available to ensure you have a peace of mind.​

IT Software Solution

Virtualization, cloud server, server solution, server or data backup to network security to ensure smooth and secured environment.

For Tourism Business

A specialized online booking solution for tourism business, meant for tours and activities provider. The solution also extend your connectivity with OTAs to managing your global partners and agents that send you sales with a clear profit sharing report for the ease of payment and receivable.

System Development​

If standard system does not meet your requirement, customization of software is the answer to you. Let us assess your requirement so we can propose you the best solution in your environment.

System Development

If standard system does not meet your requirement, customization of software is the answer to you. Let us assess your requirement so we can propose you the best solution in your environment.

For Retail Business

To provide a single or multi store setup for inventory management to accounting. Giving you a peace of mind. After all, you can always generate useful report to see how your business is doing and easily manage your customer, supplier, inventory, expenses, receipt and payment as well.

E-Commerce PRO Plan

with advanced capabilities for demanding requirement



With E-COMMERCE PRO, we support multi marketplace integration (for example Lazada, Amazon, Shopee), Advanced Discount and Advanced Shipping Management that greatly benefit your online sales in long run. Contact Us for more information.

Multi Marketplace

Support product and order sync with multi marketplace like Lazada, Shopee or Amazon.

Advanced Discount

Support variety type of discount and promotion to align with your marketing campaign.

Advanced Shipping

Selling multiple type of item? Then you need a system to manage your product and delivery services.


with industry standards solutions


Ransomware has become one of the critical business risk and threat to the IT organization globally. It is projected to cost $20 billion globally. Maintaining proper security and backup solution is essential to any IT organization.

Backup Solution

Whether you are running a physical or virtual server, you need a backup solution to ensure restoration is done at the fastest time possible with the least or no data lost.

Network Security

Protect your network and segregate your network environment to decide what to expose and what to allow, directly minimizing the potential threats.

Back on Track

This is important. How fast and efficiently an organization can get back on track after a threat hits them? There are great differences between 30 minutes and 2 days.

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