3 Good Reason WHY you need a website NOW?

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Reason 1: It is not a trend. It is a necessity – a MUST. Remember telephone directory or commonly known as yellow pages back in the 1950s? It was believed the telephone directory was used until mid 1990s when the Internet took over and everyone started to search information online. Fast forward until year 2019, if your business is not found online, you basically DO NOT EXIST.

Reason 2: Website GENERATE business for you. People talk about online advertising, growing and directing traffics to your website (business), so you get more exposure. Exposure what? Am I going to make money like this? Well, if you believe it is a no, this means you did not fully understand what is going on. This is no rocket science to let you know the more people see you or your business, the better probability you are to strike a deal. It is important to build an online presences where people can look up your business and see what you are doing. The more people know you, the more business deal you are to have. Basically, you do not want to be left out when all your competitor may possibly have a website now. If they do not, then quickly make one now.

Reason 3: It runs 24/7 (almost – some say 99.99%). It acts as your sales person, customer services, information counter, for some business, website was used to simplified a lot of processes otherwise a human would need to do it. Human should do things a computer system cannot do, and let the computer system do things it should. For example, you do not need a sales person to keep telling a thousand prospects what you sell, where the prospect can go to your website and check for themselves, while your sales person can focus on their sales strategy on larger accounts or simply help other prospect that need a more detail information. For whatever the reason is or will be, it is no doubt website is a must for all business, because even a person such as celebrity, political figure, business magnate uses website to tell the world who they are. Why not your business? Why not you? Think again.

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