Cost of a website?

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People has been asking how much to own a website? Well many say money is NOT the main problem, but maintaining the website is. Which one is important or one that you need to care the most?

For many, including us, the answer is NOTHING TO CARE or WORRY. Why? Because maintaining or start a website is so cost effective that some even says it is cheap (affordable is a nicer words though). And to maintain a website, well it truly helps if you know a little bit of designing and programming, but what if this is not even necessary now and yes, to can have a website which is cheap (affordable) and easy (for most people) to maintain and to start?

Typically, in our thought a decent website that use mainly to show what you do and your business in general, would cost you between RM1,500 to RM3,000 and of course depending on your requirement. Some clients would have a very complicated concept and requirement and wants to apply all of them, well that cost more for sure. But if you put the trust onto the web designer, they will usually come out with a decent design and style for your business (generally most business). That trust will save you quite a money and the work will usually be good, or I would prefer to use the word, decent.

However, it is important to know that there isn’t really a fixed market rate for the cost of a website. It usually goes by what we called “acceptable pricing”. However, when we mention “decent website”, we usually refer to as the design and appearance, where the public can see. Some website does connection back to other system or have functions that help businesses to scale further, for that the price raises for sure.

If you just want a simple or rather a decent website to present your services, some history of your company, your team, some review, or maybe portfolio of photos and finally finish with a contact us form, which is pretty decent and normal for most website, that would be around RM1,500 – RM3,000. The variance would usually be due to the design, photo, video, or urgency that would need additional work (sweat + stress + more coffee).

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