What is Hosting, Domain, & Website?

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If you are new to the online world or have no idea about how website is suddenly available for you or public to be consumed, please continue to read. This is to give a high level and basic introduction about hosting, domain and website and how they are interconnect to each other.

Let us start with “hosting” or “web hosting”. Sometimes you may heard “email hosting”, “data server” or simply just “server”. Well, I would say they are all coming down to the similar thing – which is “server” or a computer that serves, so we called it a “server”. It provide information and at the same time store information. Some use it for complex calculation to serve data in various method. No matter how it is called, it all come down the similar things – which serves and provide you data when you request for it.

So why we need a hosting when we need a website? The quick answer to this is that your website may have picture, texts and some application and all this need a place to store and to serves when you or your users request to see them. Therefore, you need a server to store those data and then serve to those who request it. But why not just buy a server instead of using a hosting company? The idea of using or enroll with a hosting company is basically they have a better capability to manage and maintain the server. Hosting company technically be responsible for the hardware and overall security of the server, and usually with better internet infrastructure, power management system, and also cooling system for the environment where the server is located. In most cases, you will not setup all this just because you need a website, simply because it is more expensive and require IT knowledge and manpower to do this. Many chosen an easy and affordable method, is to use a web hosting company.

As for domain. Think of it like an address on each property which has a lot number or unit number. Domain will be like your address where you tell people where they can find you on the Internet. Just like google.com, if you need to search for something and infozoneasia.com if you need advise on website development. Domain has many type I would say. For example, it has a .com, .asia, .net, .org and also ends with country level such as .my, .sg, .th and many more. Some domain require your business identification while some require your own identification information. What domain name is the best? There is actually no “best” domain name, but in most cases, the shortest domain name in general is the best, for example “car.com”, “computer.com”, “abc.com” or simply “cake.com”, but unfortunately all this short or dictionary based name is mostly taken up and it may be very expensive to acquire from the owner. There is such a thing people treat this as property because of its uniqueness in the name and the price may sometimes be equivalent to an actual properly.

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