What is

A system that allow businesses to sell and customer to buy online. It runs 24/7 and act like your army of “virtual robot” sales person that can serves hundreds and thousands of customer simultaneously with its recommendation, cross sell, and up-sell with intention to increase your total sales revenue or value per sales.

Why Choose Us?

We help kickoff your e-commerce shop faster with designing and creating all the basics for you where you only focus on your product, order management and business. The system has the capability to support various solution as you increase your requirement.

Our Clients Trust Us

From various industry


Food Delivery







Dessert & Drinks




You are responsible to manage your own products and orders.


3 hours on-boarding with our dedicated support team.

Design Template based

We manage all design changes and decide what is best for you.​

FREE Domain 1st year

*Apply to .com, .my, .com.my only. Chargeable 2nd year onward.

FREE Hosting 1st year

*Upgraded hosting plan. 2nd year charged at RM470

FREE SSL (Https)

Secured your website with SSL certificates.

Secured Website

Basic Protection from hackers to your website.

Sales System

Encourage more sales through upsell, cross-sell, & downsell

Schedule Discount

Schedule discount to allow discounted price shown.


Make an item as "Pre-Order" with easy management

Delivery Service

Integrate with delivery services to simplified your delivery work.

Sales Notification

To receive email notification when sales are made.

Online Payment

Support Credit Card, FPX, e-Wallet for payment.

Inventory Control

To check your inventory balances and manage stock balances.


Allow customer to claim discount with code during purchasing.


Receive email, direct call or Whatsapp from customer

FAQ section

Create a simple Q&A to clear the doubt your customer may have.

Newsletter section

Get contacts or leads through your website. Great leads starts here.


List your client or their testimonial to get confidence in new prospect.

Social Media

Links to your social media site such as Facebook, Instagram, and etc.

Customer Account

Allow your customer to create account in your system.

and more…..

E-Commerce PRO Plan

with advanced capabilities for demanding requirement



With E-COMMERCE PRO, we support multi marketplace integration (for example Lazada, Amazon, Shopee), Advanced Discount and Advanced Shipping Management that greatly benefit your online sales in long run. Contact Us for more information.

Multi Marketplace

Support product and order sync with multi marketplace like Lazada, Shopee or Amazon.

Advanced Discount

Support variety type of discount and promotion to align with your marketing campaign.

Advanced Shipping

Selling multiple type of item? Then you need a system to manage your product and delivery services.

Consult us for the right package that suits you.

e-Commerce Starter

For Single Product/Landing Page
+ RM499 yealy
  • Free DOMAIN 1st year
  • Free HOSTING1st year
  • FREE SSL (https)
  • Secured Website
  • Sales Notification
  • Process Credit Card
  • Social Media Link
  • Contact Us Form
  • FAQ section
  • Newsletter section
  • Testimonial section

e-Commerce Business

For simple online selling
+ RM499 yearly
  • All from STARTER PLAN
  • Self-Managed Product & Orders
  • On-Boarding & Support
  • Inventory Control
  • Integrated Delivery Service
  • Customer Account
  • Coupon system
  • Basic Reports
  • Basic Analytics
  • Storewide Discount
  • One (1) Store Manager Login

e-Commerce PRO

For advance online selling
+ min. RM1,970 yearly
  • Customized Features & Functions
  • Choice of variety e-Commerce solution
  • IT Consultation Services

How it works?


You will need to prepare all information, photo, content, logo and upload to us to allow us start creating your website.


To get information on your business such as logo, about us, services and other details to assist in web development.

3. Development​

Once all information is available we will start development. It can take estimates between 7-21 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

A system that allow people to sell and buy online. It runs 24/7 and act like your army of “robot” sales person that can serves hundreds and thousands of customer simultaneously with its recommendation, cross sell, down sell, and up-sell with intention to increase your total sales revenue or value per sales.

Cross-selling is the action or practice of selling an additional product or service to an existing customer. In practice, businesses define cross-selling in many different ways.

Upselling is a sales technique where a seller induces the customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale.

Down Selling is a sales technique where a seller recommend a lower price product to the customer in an attempt to meet the customer requirement.

Hosting is NOT free. Client will need to pay for the hosting services to store your web files, databases and emails. We do cover the cost for first year and you will need to pay on the second year of service onwards. The fees is depending on the hosting company and the type of hosting package. Please contact us for for detail.

Domain is NOT free. Client will need to pay for the domain name. Each domain extension such as .com, .my, or .com.my have different prices. We do cover the cost for first year and you will need to pay on the second year of service onward. Typically for a “.com”, the price is between RM40 to RM60 per year, while a “.my” and “.com.my” may cost around RM80 to RM120 per year. Price stated here may changed at anytime. Please contact us for latest pricing.

On the client side, it may require more effort and time, particularly in the setup of product, pricing and the editing of photo. Some other setup that is related is also the design of the website, integration of payment system and finally spend time to test the overall system. On estimation and on case by case basis, it may take around 10 to 20 business days.

We will leave the product uploading and updating to the client as they know best how to deal with it. We will guide you on the system, where to upload and manage the products. We may offer to do some product updates, and that is serves as sample so you have an idea how it looks like in order to continue managing your own products.

We will get your suggestion and opinion of the design before we choose one for you. However, it important to know that it is NOT POSSIBLE for us to do exactly the same like your preferences or references. The design template is fixed and there is limitation on how much it can change. However. we will at our level best to meet your requirement, but we will make the final decision on the design. If you would like to change the design, then we may apply additional charges.

No, all design are managed by us and if you need to make any changes, for example, change background photo, color, layout, of advertising banner, you will need to contact us.

Yes, right after we prepare the system for you and prepare to handover for you to manage and update your product, orders and category, we will arrange one of our team member to host an online meeting with you to show you the system. Should you have any questions, you can contact us through our contact us page.

Any business that sell services or physical product should maintain a good refund policy that need to be clear, fair and easy to understand. Refund can be made from the system or partial refund can be made from the credit card processing system.

Most people would agree that in terms of the cost to start an e-Commerce website compare to a physical shop, the e-Commerce is way lower. Furthermore, for a start,  e-Commerce has lower monthly cost as compare to the monthly rental you need to pay for the physical shop. Setup of an e-Commerce shop would be starting from around RM1,998 onward, and it is recommended to put aside a reasonable amount per month for other expenses such as advertising, design, logo, photography, video, better hosting services and additional services that you may need around your e-Commerce system. For more information please contact us.

Payment Gateway process payment from your customer. Each payment gateway is different mainly in terms of the transaction fees, setup fees, and type of payment they can process. Each payment gateway is also has their own strict approval of who can process payment through them. It is NOT 100% confirm the payment gateway will accept you and your business although generally most business do not face any issue. Talk to us and we can consult you further.

The initial setup cost is shown on the website. Other cost would be on yearly basis such as fees for domain name renewal, hosting renewal and other add-on system. You are also expected to pay for the payment gateway transaction based fees if you accept credit card or other payment method.

We do charge maintenance fees if you require us to support your website such as change the background photo, update content, change color and etc. We will discuss with you on the job scope to quote you separately.

Add-on system or module is basically software created by company or individual developer that serves specific needs of the business requirement. For example if you need a system that do up-sell automatically with complex rules and conditions, then you will need to pay for the services in order to use their system. In most cases, such fees in on yearly basis.

Similar to any business, to reach out to customer or prospect, advertising and marketing cost is unavoidable. It is an option, but to be honest, you are encouraged to promote your brands and product online. One of the many advantages is that you always have the control over the budget and expenses while you decide who should see your advertisement through “Target Audience”.

If you are selling a physical goods, once you receive an order, you will need to pack the item. Depending on which delivery services that you engaged, you can arrange for a pick up once you have completed the packing. You are able to integrate with Malaysia delivery services so your delivery management is simplified.

Basically any system can be down and the reason could simply be system faulty. For most e-Commerce system, we would encourage a better hosting plan. For example, our e-Commerce Plan uses an upgraded hosting plan that provide stability, performance and security. Over the time, we may also practice scheduled maintenance for system upgrade and this means the system or access to your website will not be available. Such event will be informed earlier for the maintenance work to carry on successfully.

ALERT ! Things you should know below:

1. Payment gateway

We can integrate with a variety of Payment Gateway to process Credit Card, FPX or e-Wallet. Separate application required.

2. Learning the system​

We will arrange to show you the system one (1) time through online meeting. A simple guide will be provided.

3. Your responsibility​

You are responsible to manage or update your products, orders, payment and provide customer support services.

4. Maintenance Fees​

Maintenance fees is optional. If you decided to let us manage your website, we will quote you separately.

5. Complex settings​

This system may include some of the complex rules and conditions and all this is affecting your prices and sales.

6. Third Party Module​

Some features are the creation of the others where their price and services may change from time to time.

7. Design, Color & Layout

Changing of design will cost you. We can only make minimal changes to colors and layout after we completed.

8. Photo or Video EDITING

We do not provide any services in photo or video editing, but we may provide you some assistance to our level best.

9. Video on Website

All video is to be hosted in other Video Hosting channel we suggest you, and we will help to show it on your website.

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