Video Creation

Video help explain your company, product, services or even your profile better and it create a special link to communicate with your audience. If you are running a business, selling products, that will means more conversion of sales.

Why you need a video?

In Website

To better explain your services or company in general as company introduction.

For Product Details

To explain the product online, so your customer can get a better idea of it.

In Social Media

Share them on Yourtube or any social media channel.

In Online Advertising

Use for online advertising to further promote your product and services.

For Corporate Video

Video to introduce your company in general that can also be use online.

As Interactive Video

Allow your audience to interact with the video, to further increase sales conversion.

What is "Interactive Video" ?

Interactive Video allow your viewer to make decision while seeing your video. For example, your viewer can provide you email address, phone number, click  weblink you show in video that brings them to a landing page so you can continue to sell them your services to increase the conversion rate. Or, it can simply be a educational video where your viewer can selective go through the process to learn more while making choices as it goes.

Consult us for the right package that suits you.

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Video Starter

For 3 to 8 seconds
RM 999
  • 3 - 8 seconds video length
  • For Online Ads
  • Front Intro Video
  • Logo appearing

Video Business

For 8 to 30 seconds
RM 3,999
  • 8 - 30 seconds video length
  • For Online Ads
  • Front Intro Video
  • Logo Appearing
  • Product Intro
  • Quick Intro

Video PRO

For custom version
Contact Us
  • Interactive Video
  • Custom Video Length

Sample of Video...

Interactive Video (you make choices within the video)

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