Why you need a website?

Website has becoming so important that it represent you and your business. It has become an identity that your peers use to verify your existence. Simply put, without a website, you are as good as non-existence, particularly if you are in business.

Our Clients Trust Us

From various industry


Food Delivery







Dessert & Drinks



FREE Hosting 1st year

*Chargeable 2nd year onward starting at RM250 per year.

Design Template

We manage all design changes and decide what is best for you.

FAQ section

Create a simple Q&A to clear the doubt your customer may have.

FREE Domain 1st year**

**Apply to .com, .my, .com.my only. Chargeable 2nd year onward.

Secured Website

Basic Protection from hackers to your website.

About Us

To showcase your business, your team and your impressive story.

Newsletter section

Get contacts or leads through your website. Great leads starts here.

FREE SSL (Https)

Secured your website with SSL certificates.

Product & Services

Tell your customer what you do and with pictures or prices.


List your client or their testimonial to get confidence in new prospect.

Single or Multi Page

For your visitor to know about you and your business. Up to 5 pages.

Contact Us Form

Your customer can send you email from your website.

Social Media

Links to your social media site such as Facebook, Instagram, and etc.

SEO Ready

Setup with basic SEO - informative meta tags and title description.

2 email accounts

Email account with your own domain name.

**Free domain of “.my” or “.com.my” for 1st year only applicable for Package Website Business (RM1,999) and above only. Free domain “.com” for 1st year is applicable for all packages.

Consult us for the right package that suits you.

Website Starter

For Personal
  • 1st Year-Free Hosting
  • 1st Year-Free Domain
  • Free SSL (https)
  • Single Page
  • About Us section
  • Contact Us form
  • Social Media Links
  • Secured Website

Website Business

For Business Owner
  • All from STARTER
  • Choice of Multi Page
  • Product & Services section
  • Testimonials section
  • Newsletter form
  • FAQ section
  • SEO ready
  • Two (2) email account

Website PRO

Let's discuss
  • Separate discussion on the requirement

How it works?


You will need to prepare all information, photo, content, logo and upload to us to allow us start creating your website.


To get information on your business such as logo, about us, services and other details to assist in web development.

3. Development​

Once all information is available we will start development. It can take estimates between 7-21 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting is an action that store your website data in a server. Server is basically computer that respond and show the public your website when it is requested. Domain are those .com, .net, .my and etc. There will be fees to hosting your website, we called Hosting fees and renewal of your domain name, we called domain renewal fees. Those fees are to be paid on yearly basis. Infozoneasia waived the first year for some of our packages.

Sure we can. We will guide you along the process.

Sure you can, but the package from the website is not for custom design. Please contact us and we can further discuss if it is necessary to have a custom design which cost more.

Sure you can. We prefer credit card payment. But if you would like to make Bank Transfer or Telegraphic transfer, just choose the option “Direct Bank Transfer / Wire” during payment page and we will send you the bank details.

We have our support system running 24/7 and when you send us email through the Contact Us section, it enter into our support system and someone will be responding to you as soon as possible.

Once you have purchased our services and payment is completed, we will contact you for more information. We may call you, email you, meet you or do video call. Once all information is received, we will start working. If you have a business profile, please send that to us. You should also include everything about your business, including photo, logo, and article that you wish to be available on your website. You are basically the person who will tell us what information to put while we only handle on the design and arrangement of the information.

You are required to provide us FULL and COMPLETE information within 7 days from the date you make payment to us.

You may advise us what information that we need to amend and we will do this for you. You are allow to do this for the next 7 days after the website is completed and is live (viewable from public). Any changes or updates after the 7 days of the website completion and live (viewable publicly), we may apply a reasonable fees at our discretion for any changes or updates request.

Yearly support fees is optional and it is NOT included in the package. The yearly support fees is mainly for update and maintaining of your website. Task such as update of photo and text based information is part of the yearly support. Yearly support fees is range between RM600 (RM50 per month) to RM12,000 (RM1,000 per month). We will provide a quote to you after we have agreed on the job scope. Yearly Hosting and Domain renewal fees is NOT the same as “Support Fees”. Hosting and Domain fees is compulsory to keep your website running.

We do not actually set a limit of how much data you want us to include in the website, but OF COURSE there will be a limit that we defined at our discretion. Generally, all information, such as About Us, Company vision and mission, explanation of product and services are in words that the client need to prepare in advance for us. Some client may also want to showcase their product, and we would usually accept less than or equal to ten (10) product that will usually have 1 or 2 photo, some description, and specification info for each. We reserve the rights to apply additional charges, if we at our discretion believe the information we need to process or upload to website exceeded our limit.

Sure. We can help you to register a domain and also advise you on the hosting. Hosting and domain are to be paid separately depending on the choice and specification.

Once we received all needed information, we will start development. It usually takes between 7-14 business days and it is also depending on the package you have chosen. Rest assured that it is our objective to complete each project successfully within a reasonable time frame.

Unfortunately, we cannot refund based on this reason. We may at our discretion to present you another design and that is the best we can do to provide. This may take more time to complete.

Unfortunately, we only accept Credit Card or Bank Transfer payment option. For the time being, these are the only payment option we support. If you must pay in cash, please choose “Direct Bank Transfer / Wire” to receive our bank account information for you to bank in manually using the Cash Deposit machine.

Our preferred communication can be accomplished efficiently through email, online video meeting or a phone call. This save the time for both our client and us. If meeting in person is necessary, we will definitely do so.

Our main communication method is through email, call, video call (google meet), and in person meeting.  We may use Skype or Whatsapp, but we would prefer to use email as it allow our team to see the history of communication that would better in assisting our client.

The short answer is YES. However, we want to maintain great relationship with our client, therefore if the changes or updates is considered small at our discretion, we will do it for free.

This is really depends. For example, update 1 picture and 50 pictures is a great differences. Generally the price is between RM50 to RM500 per job. It may exceed the estimated cost depending on work and effort. However, we will let you know in advance before we work on it.

We always strive to be great in support – to give you a clear answer and ensure that you have the best answer to your question. Please be patience with us if it takes longer than your expectation, Our response can be between 2 to 3 working days and it may take longer when our team is overwhelmed with support email. 🙂

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